Local Group News

Network Development
Louise Hazan has taken over from Neil Kingsnorth as the Network Developer for  local  groups in this region. She will be on hand to help with improving the group as well as providing any other kind of support such as helping with planning and running campaigns, training, group development and help with materials and fundraising.

Northern Gathering
There was another Northern Gathering weekend from the 24th – 25th May but unfortunately no one from the Sheffield group was able to attend

Local Groups’ Conference
This year’s local groups’ Conference is being held at Loughborough University on
12-14 September 2008. So far only one person has expressed an interest in attending.

Penistone Group
The Penistone Friends of the Earth group has been campaigning on local issues and organising a number of social events. Find out what they have been doing by checking there website at www.PenistoneEnvironment.ik.com