Transport Campaigns

Peak Oil
Some Sheffield Friends of the Earth protestors joined other environmental campaigners to demonstrate outside a Sheffield petrol station in April to highlight society's dependence on fossil fuels. Clowns descended on the Shell Garage on Ecclesall Road as part of an International Day of Action against Climate Change.

Robert Slade, of pressure group Rising Tide, said: "Climate change is no joke, but we're hoping that highlighting the foolishness of our fossil fuel consumption might be a wake up call."

Shaun attended the “Last Oil Shock” presentation at Sheffield Hallam University by David Strahan. David has worked for the BBC as a investigative journalist producing programs for Horizon and the
Money Program. 

Walking Bus
Morwenna Foden from Sheffield City Council’s Walking Bus scheme came to our group’s April meeting to explain what she was doing with the walking bus project.

A Walking Bus is a group of primary school children walking to school under the supervision of at least two trained adults, one leading the group (driver) and one at the rear (conductor).

The benefits include:
  • Reducing congestion & school gate parking
  • Reducing pollution and helping the environment
  • Saving time & money
  • Developing children’s road safety awareness and increasing their road safety skills
  • Promoting fitness
  • Providing an enjoyable, sociable and fun journey to school
  • Children arriving at school alert and ready to learn

Evaluations of the Walking Bus show that the main benefit is the shifting of attitudes about using a car for travelling short distances. It normalises walking to school, reduces parents’ & children’s fear of embarking on this means of travel, makes walking to school safer and encourages lobbying for infrastructure improvements.

In Sheffield there are currently 28 schools involved in the Walking Bus scheme, running a total of 32 routes.

How can you help this scheme?
We need volunteers to set up buses and to be volunteer drivers/conductors at their local school. Schools need funding to help support the potential expenses e.g.: high visibility clothing. We need help to spread the word about the positive effects of the Walking Bus.
Please contact Morwenna Foden (Walking Bus Coordinator) at Sheffield City Council for more information: 0114 2736166       :