Local Renewable Power

Krysia attended the launch of Hydro Power for Sheffield – Community Renewables on 30th April. At the moment a simple 70kw Archimedean Screw device is currently being installed at New Mills in Derbyshire.  It is costing £250,000 which is financed by £135,000 of grants, £97,000 shareholders and a loan from Co-op Bank.  Any profits from the scheme will be pumped back into the community.  The screw has a 50 year lifespan.  On 8th June they staged the ‘Big Drop’ when they put the screw in place at New Mills. 
There are also plans to organise community wind turbines and link with schools to make them energy efficient and generate electricity.  Due to lack of people only Tapton school is currently receiving advice but many more schools have expressed an interest in the ‘Sustainable Schools’ project .

For more information contact Rob (Tel 0777 273 0137, email RobJPilling@gmail.com)