Other Group News

Neil Kingsnorth works for Friends of the Earth in the regional office based in Leeds. His role is to help local groups develop and assist with any problems or issues we have. Neil came to Sheffield earlier this year to talk to us about developing the group.

Sheffield group member Siobhan Laird has taken on the role of developing the local group over the next year. She will be working with Neil Kingsnorth to help make the Sheffield group more active and effective. Please let Siobhan know if you have any ideas or suggestions. Siobhan can be contacted at  laird_academic@yahoo.co.uk
National Friends of the Earth have been trying to recruit new national members in Sheffield by talking to shoppers in the city centre.

A few new group members are planning to visit Reading in September for the annual local groups’ conference.

The web site has been updated - although not as often as we would have liked due to Shaun’s house being flooded.

Apologies if you received a paper newsletter with smudged ink - we experienced some printing problems.