Motor show 2008
You may remember from the last newsletter that Sheffield Friends of the Earth attended a motor show in Sheffield City Centre which was attended by around 20,000 people.  We can inform you that the group has been invited to next year’s motor show in Sheffield City Centre for free.  The event will take place on Sunday 3rd August 2008. We will discuss this in detail nearer the time. However, we hope to exhibit Maureen’s electric car again. Do you have any greener vehicles you would like to exhibit such as an electric bike, hybrid car or an hydrogen vehicle etc? If so please let us know.

Peace Fair
Sheffield FoE attended the Peace and Craft Fair in the Town Hall on Saturday 10th November.  We sold more of the old stock, gave away leaflets, held discussions with people about the problems of road widening, raised some money to cover the cost of the stall, and a couple of people said they would join the group.  Thanks to Steve, Maureen, Krysia, Liddy and Shaun for helping out.