Sheffield FoE members attended the very wet Mayfest on bank holiday Monday (28th May) in the Don Valley Bowl. Despite being very few people there we managed to distribute about 10 large boxes of energy saving lights bulbs, show off Maureen's electric car and provide environmental information leaflets to the public.

The Peace in the Park event had better weather than Mayfest. We managed to sign up another 7 new members. We also got over 100 foe climate change postcards signed, about the same number of No M1 widening postcards. We hopefully convinced a few folk to respond to the consultation on the climate bill.

This year’s Green Fair at St Mary’s church was a success. Whilst Steve abseiled down the church other group members were handing out leaflets and petitions. Steve rejoined the group (in one piece and no broken bones) to help with the rest of  the stall and the running of the tombola which raised a bit of money for the group.

After the dreadful weather and floods, Amyan, Shaun, Maureen and Julie ran a stall at the Hillsborough Arena. The free light bulbs were very popular—we shifted about 10 large boxes! A number of people purchased recycled envelopes and note pads.

We also planned a few other stalls but these were cancelled due to bad weather.

We have a stall booked for the Peace and Craft Fair inside in the Town Hall on Saturday 10th November. Please contact Steve if you can help out for a bit.

Please let us know if you have any bits and pieces for a tombola. This is a good way of recycling old items and raises money for the group.

Do you know of any good venues for stalls in summer 2008. We would like to attend new venues where we can meet new people rather than talking to the usual green people.