Stalls: Summer 2007 - Autumn 2007

A number of Sheffield Friends of the Earth volunteers ran a stall on the Moor for a few hours on Saturday 17th March. It was used to raise awareness of climate change and the widening of the M1.

Members of Sheffield Friends of the Earth ran a number of stalls at climate change conferences organised by the World Development Movement (WDM) and Christian Aid.

Sheffield Friends of the Earth members have run a stall at the very successful Mayfest event for the past couple of years. Based, on previous attendance figures, we expect about 20,000 people to flock to this year’s bank holiday event. We are deliberately trying to run more stalls where we can talk to the general public about issues such as climate change, transport and recycling rather than preaching to the converted at green events.We have used £50 of the group’s money to book the stall so thank you to everyone who has given donations. Please let us know if you can help out for a full day or maybe half a day. We expect to have 5 passes for free entry. The event will take place at Don Valley Bowl, from 27th-28th May, although we will only be present on Monday 28th.  Please contact Shaun (see contacts) for more details. If you can’t help out, why not pop down anyway for a fun day out.

The annual Sheffield Green Fair will take place on Saturday 7th July at St Mary’s Church. We are running a stall there too so please let us know if you can help out for a few hours.

On the same day, Al Gore is planning to host a Live Aid style event called SOS to raise awareness of climate change. Hopefully the publicity for this might encourage a few more members of the public to visit the event.