Razorlight Climate Change Stall

After watching Al Gore’s new film, An Inconvenient Truth, British chart topping band - Razorlight decided to support Friends of the Earth’s Big Ask climate change campaign.

Although we were originally to have 10 volunteers on hand to run the stall at the capacity packed Hallam FM Arena, in the end we were only allowed 5 places. Thanks to Shaun, Maureen, Liddy and Julie from the Sheffield group and a special thank you to Dawn from the Manchester group for making the journey across the Pennines to help out.

In three hours, the five volunteers managed to get over 600 postcards signed from a total of 12,000 fans. This means about 1 in 20 people signed up. Based on the number of postcards and petitions signed at our previous stalls this must rate as one of our most successful postcard signing events ever.

The postcards called on Tony Blair to implement a Climate Change Bill  in the Queen’s Speech with 3% yearly reductions in CO2 emissions.

The band also played at several other venues and Friends of the Earth groups were there to promote the Climate Change Bill.