Big Ask Big MP Lobby

The official Big Ask Big MP Lobby ran during the months of September and October. Its aim was to ask local constituents to ask their MP to write to David Miliband and Tony Blair requesting the government introduces a Climate Change Bill in November’s Queen’s Speech.

Nationally, at least 602 MPs were contacted. In Sheffield, Nick Clegg , the Liberal Democrat MP agreed to write to Miliband and Blair. He also agreed to a photo opportunity and a press release. David Blunkett only replied after the Queen’s speech to tell us that a climate change bill had been mentioned in the speech. Other labour MPs tried to avoid this issue with the exception of Clive Betts who agreed to send a letter supporting a Climate Change Bill.

After the Bill was mentioned in the Queen’s speech the BBC political correspondent Nick Robinson said, “People often say does anything change politics, well it has here.  Friends of the Earth did a rising campaign for a Climate Change Bill, Ministers pooh poohed the idea.  “What is the point of a Bill” they said. “Nonsense it wouldn't be worth the paper it is written on.”  David Cameron then adopted it as his key theme.  Ming Campbell's first big policy announcement on green taxes and  Ministers gradually have said “Okay a Bill.”

The next stage of the campaign will kick off in 2007 so watch out for more campaigning.