Take Action Aug 2006

Compost Heaps
If you haven't already got a compost heap, one can be purchased for £4 (226 litre) or £6 (330 litre). You’ll also receive a free kitchen caddy when you place the order. For more details contact Recycle Now on 0845 077 0758 or visit the web site at www.recyclenow.com/compost

To all the responsible cyclists (and anyone who wants to be a responsible cyclist) visit the web site www.stopatred.org to find out about responsible cycling.

If you live in Sheffield and would like a two hour session of  one-to-one cycle training, then please contact Andy Wild (Sheffield City Council) on 273 4286.  Packages can be tailor made from beginners to commuters.

Newspaper Letters
If you can’t make it to a Sheffield FoE meeting why not write a letter to the Sheffield Star or the Telegraph explaining why the environment is important. Example letters could be about climate change, waste and recycling, transport or anything else you can think of. Please let us know if you have sent a letter.

Palm Oil
The demand for a cheap ingredient found in thousands of products, from shampoo to biscuits, is contributing to the extinction of the orang-utan. An estimated 5,000 are killed each year in Malaysia and Indonesia by destroying forests to make way for palm oil plantations. Around one in 10 mass-produced foods on Britain's shelves is estimated to contain palm oil.

Five major food retailers - Sainsbury, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, the Co-op and Asda - have joined a not-for-profit organisation trying to obtain sustainable sources of palm oil. However, Tesco, Morrisons and Iceland have refused to join the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

Ask your supermarket manager what they are doing to source sustainable supplies of palm oils.