Group News Aug 2006

Local Groups’ Conference
The annual Friends of the Earth Local Groups’ Conference will be held in Nottingham this year, from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th September. As usual it provides local group members the opportunity to learn, interact and be inspired. Over three packed days there will be speeches, debates, workshops, networking opportunities and a fair bit of partying.

There are three big reasons to go to conference this year: Commentators and activists from the media will be joining local group members from around the country to seek better ways of engaging the public in environmental issues.
The conference will be used to prepare for a big push on the Big Ask climate campaign for the Queen’s Speech in the Autumn. The conference will mark the start of the full consultation in developing the next Five Year Plan

Several members of Sheffield Friends of the Earth usually attend each year, but there are usually plenty of spare places. The whole conference costs £60 including 2 nights accommodation, refreshments and meals. Attendance subsides are also available. Please contact Steve if you would like more details about the conference.

Northern Groups’ Gathering
FoE held the Northern Local Groups’ Gathering on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd April in Langdale (Lake District). It was a great opportunity to network, learn, workshop, talk, walk, drink etc in great surroundings.

Maureen from the group sent comments to the Yorkshire and Humber Plan – The Regional Spatial Strategy, commenting on transport and renewable energy.

Eco Law Workshop 
The Environmental Law Foundation (ELF) invited us to an Environmental Law Question Time, held in the offices of Irwin Mitchell solicitors in Sheffield, on Wednesday 8th March

The evening  included a panel of ELF's lawyers and technical consultants
and was chaired by a former Labour MP for Hillsborough and Sheffield, Ms
Helen Jackson.

As you can see, the newsletter has changed format. It now copies the same style as Change Your World, the local groups’ newsletter produced by Friends of the Earth.

Membership Leaflets
New membership leaflets have been produced allowing new and existing members to pay their subscriptions by a yearly standing order. This will save everyone time and money.

Future Stalls
Do you have a couple of hours to spare? If so why not help out at some of our other stalls in 2006.

We are planning to run a stall at this year’s Green Fair on Saturday 15th July. An additional stall will be held indoors at the Town Hall in November for the Peace and Craft Fair. This takes place on Saturday 11th from 10.30am until 4pm.

Digital Camera
Sheffield Friends of the Earth has purchased four rechargeable batteries for the digital camera. This will save the group money in the long term and will also result in less batteries to dispose of.

Carole Zagrovic
Carole Zagrovic, Campaigns Coordinator for our region will be leaving us. She will be replaced by Sally Snowball. She will work alongside Neil Kingsnorth and a second Northern Network Developer, Jess Dolan.