RNLI Stall

Not deterred by the rain at Mayfest, Sheffield FoE volunteers gave up their time to man a stall in Endcliffe Park on Sunday 4th June in support of the RNLI gala day. 

The theme of the stall was similar to that at Mayfest - encouraging people to send post cards to  their MP asking to for 3% yearly reductions in greenhouse gasses. To date, at least 368 MPs have signed the Bill calling for a 3% reduction.      

Some of the easy to implement solutions which could achieve 3% reductions are:

· Wind Power: Britain is the windiest country in Europe. The wind blows hardest when we need it the most—during peak day time periods and winter. The UK has 1,300 turbines compared to 16,000 in Germany. Harnessing wind power could help with the 3% reduction target.  

· Smart motors: Many industries use motors that are old, inefficient or too big for their needs. If these were replaced by ones that use only the exact amount of power we would save 3 power stations worth of carbon dioxide emissions.

· Sea power: We can tap the power of the tides. Turbines harnessing wave and tidal currents could provide 20% of UK electricity.

· Micro generation: Fitting solar roof tiles and mini-wind turbines to homes, shops and factories can reduce the need for large polluting power stations.