Take Action - Write to your MP about M1 Widening

Write to your MP opposing the widening of the M1 - ask them to pass on your concerns to the Department of Transport. You can write to your MP at House of Commons, Westminster, London, SW1 OAA. Find the name of your MP at www.writetothem.com

If you live in an area which will be directly affected, please write to your local counsellors too. You can find your councillor at www.sheffield.gov.uk

An example letter is given below, but if possible try to personalise it.

Dear MP,

I am writing to register my objection to the proposed widening of the M1.

Road building in general terms has been shown to increase traffic and therefore not be a solution to congestion problems.   Any measures that might increase traffic growth are clearly counterproductive to the governments’ aims of reducing CO2 emissions.

With particular regard to the M1 there are two obvious and cheap alternatives to the congestion problem.  Reducing the speed limit, to perhaps 50mph would reduce bunching and improve flow.  There would be additional benefits of increased fuel efficiency and hopefully a reduction in accidents.  Road user charging may also reduce traffic.

My final point is the obscene quantity of money these schemes cost.  The estimate for the widening of the road between junctions 30-42 alone is £1.3 billion.  There are many ways in which this money could be better spent.

Please pass my concerns on to the minister for the department of transport.

Yours sincerely,