Nuclear Power - No Thanks

Group member Steve Goodacre gave a presentation on 11th April at the Victoria Hall explaining why nuclear power isn't a solution to climate change. Steve joined other speakers from CND and the Green Party to get across the message.

Some of the reasons for rejecting nuclear power are as detailed below:

  • A sensible combination of renewables, energy efficiency, and other technologies eliminate the need for nuclear.
  • Uranium supplies are limited and as such could not power a large scale nuclear programme.
  • No safe ways exist of dealing with the nuclear waste.
  • Money diverted to nuclear will be at the expense of environmentally friendly technologies
  • Terrorist attacks on nuclear power stations cannot be totally prevented.
  • Most of the energy generated at power stations is wasted. Decentralised energy systems are more efficient and waste less energy.
  • The time taken to build a new generation of nuclear power stations will not be quick enough to help fight climate change.
  •  If sea levels rise, a significant number of nuclear power stations are located very close to the coast—putting them at risk of flooding