Group News Spring 2006

During 2006 the Co-operative Bank will be working in partnership with Friends of the Earth to campaign on climate change issues.

Sheffield's Ponds Forge hosted the National Recycling Awards on Tuesday 25th October. Whilst we support the event, we joined forces with Sheffield Green Party to protest against Onyx's plans for incineration instead of recycling. A press release was published in the Sheffield Star.

A festival took place on 13th August in Osgathorpe park called Islam and the Environment. Its aim was to raise awareness in the local community about environmental issues, taking an Islamic perspective as many of the local residents are Muslim. Although we couldn't attend the event we sent some membership and climate change leaflets.

Sheffield Friends of the Earth ran a stall on the Moor on Saturday 5th November. We handed out 160 free energy saving light bulbs as part of our campaign to highlight climate change.

Do you know of any events Sheffield Friends of the Earth could attend during 2006. If so please contact Shaun

Sheffield Friends of the Earth recently purchased a number of professional leaflet dispensers to make our stalls look better and to stop the leaflets blowing away in the wind. As the dispensers are stacked, they now provided more table space for petitions and light bulbs.

Our regular meetings are held upstairs at the Red Deer pub which creates problems with access as a steep flight of stairs must be climbed. To provide a partial solution to this problem, we are trying to hold four meetings (once a quarter) at Recycling Matters on Spital Hill. We are aiming for the first meeting to start in February so please contact Steve for the latest information.

Sheffield Friends of the Earth are in the process of creating a new bank account with the Co-operative Bank due to their ethical policies. We hope the account will be operational by early 2006.

We will still keep the existing Royal Bank of Scotland accounts as we have a number of standing orders and direct debits paid into them. If you are one of these people and you would like to move it to our new co-op account then please let us know.

Paper copies of our newsletter take a  considerable amount of time to photocopy and post, thus reducing time spent on campaigning. The paper newsletters also have an environmental and financial cost.

We appreciate that some people don’t have computers or internet access,  so we will still keep producing a paper version, but if possible we would like to send out an electronic version to as many members as possible.

We would like to know how many people would prefer to receive the Sheffield Friends of the Earth newsletter by email. Your comments on the following questions would be useful too.

Would you like the newsletter emailed to you or should we email a link to the web site where it can be downloaded?

The membership renewal process will become difficult by email. To simplify the process, do you think members should renew when the first newsletter of the new year is sent out? We could consider giving existing members who have just renewed a free year to compensate for the change.

Please send any comments to Shaun


  • Attended a Climate Change demo in London
  • Held a No M1 Widening Stall.
  • Visited the Highways Agency to discuss the M1 widening issue.
  • A group member was featured in the Guardian talking about M1 widening.
  • Handed out more energy saving light bulbs at a stall on the Moor.
  • Attended the annual local groups’ conference.
  • Put climate change questions to the council via the Green Party councilor.
  • Invited to several transport awards.
  • Purchase new leaflet dispensers and leaflets.
  • Protest against Onyx at the Recycling Awards.
  • Contacted companies about the range of energy efficient light bulbs on sale.
  • Updated the web site and produced a new newsletter.
  • Sent letters to the Sheffield Star.