News in Brief April 2005

The Big Screen
Members of Sheffield Friends of the Earth and The Green Party were interviewed for a film called Get Over It. The film was produced by a local non-profit film company and explained how communities were devastated by the economic collapse in the 80s. It then went on to show how economic regeneration schemes such as Meadowhall and large supermarket developments can destroy jobs. For more details see

Just the job
Have you come across the argument that if the proposed incinerator/runway/supermarket you are campaigning against is built, it will create lots of jobs? Or have you ever needed to demonstrate that an alternative sustainable development can create jobs? Our New Economics activity is working on some web pages to provide you with the arguments and case studies on jobs you need to back up your campaign demands.

In order to make this a useful tool we need your help. If you have any examples of job claims by companies, Government or local authorities, if you've submitted any consultation responses on a campaign which have used job arguments, or you have other information relating to employment and developments, then do please email

Sheffield Friends of the Earth’s Newsletters can now be accessed from our web site in full colour. The web site also provides links to Change Your World, the newsletter for local campaigners.

Electric Car
Our use of roads accounts for nearly a quarter of all the carbon dioxide we in the UK pump into the atmosphere contributing to climate change.  Feelings of guilt led me to ask myself what journeys I need the car for.  Most were about town so an exhaust free electric car was an ideal choice.  I am now the proud owner of a Reva G-wiz  from GoinGreen.  This is both the greenest and the cheapest car on the road.  It costs about 1p per mile to run and is exempt from road tax.  Now I can drive around Sheffield and not feel guilty about the fumes coming from my exhaust or causing climate change.  My electricity comes from a renewable energy supplier.  If you need to use a car about town, electric is the Way-To-Go. See Page 1 for photos
Maureen Edwards

Recent Events:
  • Shaun was interviewed for a film and explained how large supermarkets can destroy communities.
  • Maureen joined other green groups to protest against Onyx for handing out environmental awards.
  • The web site has been redesigned.
  • We received a letter from David Blunkett about pesticides. 
  • Sent three letters to the Sheffield Star regarding climate change.
  • Organised a stall in Sheffield City Centre handing out energy saving light bulbs.
  • Displayed an electric car on Fargate as part of drive to educate people about climate change.
  • Several members attended the Make Poverty History meetings.
  • Group members have been involved with ACT.
  • Helped a student journalist with a climate change interview. 
  • Protested at the G8 meeting in Derby.