A Brief History of Time - Campaigning in 1985 & 1995

A North East regional meeting was held in York and members of Sheffield FoE planned to raise funds by undertaking a house collection in the Ecclesall Road area. Our  members attended a rally and lobby of Parliament in support of the Home Energy Conservation Bill and the transport group attended Local Transport Day to suggest ways of spending money on transport schemes.

A transport bill was going through parliament to privatise bus services.  Sheffield Friends of the Earth was planning to issue acid rain leaflets to motorists whilst dressed as acid rain wardens.

Sheffield Friends of the Earth  completed a survey of retailers selling tropical hard woods. A cafe was held to raise funds for a project in Korup, Cameroon to establish a national park to preserve the forests.

The Sizewell nuclear enquiry had closed. Sheffield FoE contacted MPs to ask where the five potential dumps would be. Sheffield Friend of the Earth's members sent letters to MPs supporting the Countryside and Wildlife private members' bill.
Work started in the Sheffield Friends of the Earth wildlife garden in the Botanical Gardens. As part of Environment Week, the Sheffield group presented a "Dig This" slide show demonstrating how to create a wildlife garden. The following day, Sheffield Friends of the Earth held a guided tour of the garden.

With the help of Barney , the horse from Heeley City Farm, our group started the first horse and cart recycling service in Heeley.