World Environment Day

To mark World Environment Day on 5th June, Sheffield Friends of the Earth held a stall on the Moor. The stall was used to encourage people to consider switching to green energy companies using renewable technologies such as wind and wave power. Every member of the public taking away our leaflets and signing the pledge received a free energy saving light bulb. We managed to give away 80 light bulbs so this will result in 8000 Watts per hour of energy being reduced to1600 Watts per hour.
Throughout the year, we will be giving away more free energy saving light bulbs when people sign up to consider looking at green energy companies. Why not visit us at a general meeting or at one of our stalls throughout the year and receive a free light bulb. Dates of stalls will appear on our web site.
The stall was also used to encourage members of the public to sign a letter to the council asking for better doorstep recycling facilities. 
Friends of the Earth  are calling for: 
  • Weekly collection
  • Collection of recycling and residual waste on the same day of the week
  • Wide range of materials collected
  • Good customer care including regular information
  • Provision of an easily storable container
  • Collection of separated rather than commingled recyclables