Wind Farm Campaigns - Rusholme

Over the years Selby has had its fair share of fossil-fuelled power generation, but now a proposed wind farm could show the way for a clean, green energy future.

Wind Prospect plan to build 12 turbines at Rusholme, 3 miles from Drax coal-fired power station. The wind farm could provide a visual symbol of the vital need to build clean energy solutions to combat the devastation effects of climate change, arising from the burning of fossil fuels. The wind farm will supply enough clean electricity to meet the needs of approximately 14,500 homes.
Other benefits for the local community include opportunities for people to invest in ‘green’ energy and a pledge to help fund local community projects to the tune of £25,000 per year as revenue is generated by the development. Local businesses could also benefit from more than £3.5 million worth of contracts that will be placed during the construction phase.

Rusholme Wind farm is currently at the planning stage and needs positive support for a smooth run through the planning process.  Local opposition have three main concerns, visual impact, noise and vibration.  Wind Prospect have investigated all three areas and their studies have shown that the noise levels will be no higher than the existing noise levels.  Regarding vibration again research has shown it will have no effect on local residents.  Over the issue of visual impact the wind farm is to build in the shadow of a Drax Coal fired power station, which not only has a highly negative effect on the landscape but is also a massive contributor to climate change and global warming.  12 clean wind turbines are hardly comparable to coal burning power station.

Current opposition is standing at 150 letters against the wind farm proposals and only 6 letters in favour.  Sheffield Friends of the Earth and many other local groups have written  letters of support for this development to try to balance the arguments.

More letters in favour are urgently required which is where you can help by writing to Selby Planning Services at the address shown below.

Matthew Parkinson,
Planning Services,
Selby District Council,
Civic Centre, Portholme Road,
North Yorkshire YO8 4SB