Save Swallows Wood from the A57/A628 Bypass

A local campaign is underway to fight the proposed A57/A628 Mottram/Tintwistle bypass. The campaign is focussed on stopping the bypass on the following grounds:

The bypass will cause large-scale environmental damage to farmland in the Longendale Valley, plus a section of the Peak District National Park and a local nature reserve (Swallows Wood).
The benefits of road building will be short-lived and ultimately encourage more traffic onto the roads. Associated development will cause more environmental damage.
Traffic problems will be pushed further down the road, for example, to the M60 bottleneck.
The A628 is already a dangerous route. Encouraging further traffic will only make this worse.

The campaign aims to:
Persuade the Department of Transport to remove the scheme from the Targeted Programme of Improvements, and end all future plans for development along this route.
Persuade decision-makers to look closely into alternative solutions, such as the Translink rail-freight proposal, or imposing weight restrictions to remove HGV traffic from the A57/A628 route.
Implement integrated transport solutions, with measures such as improved public transport, cycle access, and walk to school schemes taking precedence over road-building.

The campaign is looking for over 10,000 signatures for a petition opposing the bypass. If you would like to sign the petition or get involved, visit the campaign website: