Green Energy Challenge 2004 - Save the Planet Now!

We know that climate change is the greatest threat to the environment, but aren’t the only people who can do anything about it are our world “leaders”? Wrong! You can do something about it right now – join the Friends of the Earth Green Energy Challenge.

We are asking local people to change their energy supplier to a green energy supplier that is recommended by Friends of the Earth. This will ensure that you energy bills go towards developing renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, rather than supporting energy sources that burn fossil fuels and produce carbon dioxide.

Changing your energy supplier is easy. It can be done by phone or over the internet. Friends of the Earth recommend the following energy tariffs:

Eco Energy – Northern Ireland Electricity
Telephone: 08457 455 455

Ecotricity – Old Energy Tariff
08000 326 100

Good Energy  - Good Energy Ltd. (Previously known as Unit[e])
0845 456 1640

Green Energy 100 – Green Energy UK
0845 456 9550

RSPB Energy – Scottish and Southern Energy PLC
Telephone: 0800 117 116 (free call)

If you want more information about green energy, or to know why Friend of the Earth recommends these tariffs, contact us (see below) or check the Friends of the Earth website:

If you are considering changing to a green energy supplier – please let us know.
Contact: Steve Goodacre, 0114 267 0508,