GM Contamination and Liability Bill

Each year, the names of a few lucky MPs are pulled out of a hat and the winners are allowed to put a Bill of their choice before Parliament. And there's a good chance it could become law!

Contamination and Liability Bill.
This Bill will ensure that if we get to the situation where the Government agrees to the commercial planting of GM, there will be strict safety laws in place to protect our environment and stipulate where responsibility will lie. The Bill would:

Help keep track of GM crops
  • by ensuring appropriate notification procedures are in place to advise of exactly where they are planted.
  • Help prevent contamination
  • by specifying minimum separation distances between GM and organic/conventional crops.
  • Say who is liable
  • by establishing a strict code for instances where GMOs contaminate organic or conventional crops.

Since 1997, eight Friends of the Earth Bills have led to new legislation - so there's a good chance of this Bill succeeding too.

But to make this Bill a reality, we need your help. Please visit the national FoE web site ( for details on how you can send a letter to the chosen MPs.