Greenpeace Not Guilty of Incinerator Damage

The three Greenpeace anti-incinerator activists who closed down the controversial Bernard Road incinerator in Sheffield last year were found not guilty on the main charge of causing £20,000 of damage to the plant by a unanimous verdict. They were found guilty on a lesser charge of £300 damage caused to a door, which will mean no prison sentences for the three when they are sentenced in Hull in three weeks’ time.

Andy Booth, from Sheffield Against Incineration said;
"The outcome of this trial is both victory and vindication for the opposition to incineration in Sheffield and across the world. The Jury were in no doubt that the incinerator was indeed committing a toxic crime in their City, and that these brave and caring individuals acted to prevent this crime from continuing, as well as alerting the people of Sheffield to the killer in their midst. We owe them a big debt of gratitude, and I hope that their victory will spur on the worldwide opposition to incineration. I can only hope that once the world has realised the amount of illness and death caused by incinerators, that we see the likes of Onyx and their Council collaborators in the dock, as the blood of innocent victims is on their hands."