It Asda Be Bad For Hillsborough

Asda are planning to build a new supermarket on the site of the Sheffield Wednesday training ground at Middlewood Road, Hillsborough. The area is already plagued with traffic problems and the new development, if built could destroy the local shopping area and undermine the existing five supermarkets.

A public meeting was held on Friday 7th February in Hillsborough with local residents to create an action group to stop this development.

The residents at the meeting made the following points:
  • The land is actually owned by the Council and not Sheffield Wednesday. 
  • The loading bay will be situated next to housing at Winn Gardens.
  • Gilders Car Showroom may be shutting down soon. If ASDA build a store on the training ground this would be an ideal location for an ASDA petrol station.
  • It was suggested that 463 car parking spaces would be provided.
  • Residents were not sure of store opening times and delivery times for large lorries.
  • At some point in the future a road may be built linking the site with Clay Wheels Lane.
  • In the Hillsborough area 23 of 172 shops are vacant . 11 of 53 shops are vacant around  Middlewood Road. Both of these areas have above average levels of vacant shops.
  • If people decide not to shop at Morrisons, for example, and instead visit ASDA then it will create more traffic crossing through Hillsborough.
  • If people making the planning decision attend more than 15 Wednesday matches they aren’t allowed to make a decision on the proposal.

 If you would like to get involved then please contact

Christine Gilligan
46 Overton Road  S6 1WG

Or Contact Chris on 08977 618 089

The most urgent action is to write to the planning department before March to formally object to the proposal. The address is:

Head of planning
Planning, Transport and Highways
Howden House
1 Union Street
S1 2SH
The application reference is 03/00005/OUT
Please send any replies to us. Thanks