Incineration Campaign Hots up

Sheffield has put up with the Bernard Road rubbish incinerator for the past 27 years despite its appalling pollution record and incredible cost. In 1998 Sheffield Council wasted £28 million pounds trying to upgrade the incinerator. They have now given up and announced its closure in 2005. Unfortunately, the Council seem determined to make the same mistake again and are planning, along with the French multinational Onyx, to build a new rubbish burner in Sheffield.

The proposal for the new incinerator has gone to the Council’s planning committee, but we can still stop it if we can encourage the people of Sheffield to lobby the Lib-Dem Council.

We would like to distribute “Recycling not Incineration” leaflets to as many homes as possible in the Sheffield area. Many FoE members and other environmental groups  have already been targeting key areas with the leaflets.

Are you interested in getting involved with this campaign? A nice easy thing
you can do is to get involved with some of the leafleting in the key wards or you could just leaflet your own street. If you would like to help either contact Sheffield FoE or Jeff Rice by email:

No Incineration posters have started going up around Sheffield! They are A3, hardboard backed and read 'THE LIB DEMS WANT TO POISON SHEFFIELD FOR ANOTHER 30 YEARS WITH A NEW INCINERATOR. DON'T LET THEM!' So far they have been cable tied to various posts on roads, usually where traffic tends to queue. Also, there are some nice A3 posters just out with pictures of the incinerator and Peter Moore. If you'd like some to put up in your area, or anywhere (the key Liberal Democrat wards would be good) let Jeff Rice know using the contact details below.

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On Thursday April the 25th Sheffield Friends of the Earth are hosting a public meeting to clarify the issues surrounding incineration.

Speakers have been invited from national Greenpeace, national Friends of the Earth, the Council, ONYX and the local campaign group against the proposed new incinerator. There may also be additional speakers from the political parties.

Each guest will have approximately 15 minutes to express their view on the issue. The guests will also debate the issues extensively. Questions will also be taken from the audience.

Come along and find out once and for all what the truth is.

The meeting is to be held at The Central United Reform Church on Norfolk Street (opposite the Crucible stage door) between 7 and 9pm.

For more details phone 278 6556.