Boycott Esso

While the rest of the world is trying to stop global warming and protect the planet for future generations, Esso is busy drilling for more oil and polluting the atmosphere. What's worse, Esso is doing its best to stop other countries' attempts to prevent the world from heating up. Here are five reasons why we should boycott Esso products:
  1. Esso pretends that global warming isn't happening even though it's a major cause of it. Esso spends millions of dollars on misleading propaganda every year.
  2. Esso has played a leading role in sabotaging international attempts to stop global warming. It would rather sell more petrol than protect future generations.
  3. Esso refuses to invest in clean, green energy and instead spends all its money on dirty oil and gas. Even Shell and BP will invest $500 million each over the next three years in green energy projects.
  4. Esso is the biggest oil company in the world - £12 billion in profits in 2000. If anyone can afford to help stop global warming it's Esso.
  5. Esso is among the most important groups that paid for George Bush's election campaign. As soon as George Bush became president, he said that the United States would pull out of international agreements to stop global warming - exactly the policy that Esso was promoting.
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