Organic Waste

Earlier this year I contacted Sheffield City Council’s Environmental & Waste Management Services to discuss the feasibility of collecting more organic waste which could then be used as compost in preference to peat.

The Council’s response included the following points:

  • Up to 50,000 tonnes of organic waste is produced every year in Sheffield.
  • It costs £15.00 per tonne of waste plus landfill tax.
  • Organic waste is disposed of by either landfill or incineration.
  • The Council have started installing green skips at recycling centres for organic waste. The waste will be composed at Salmon Pastures.
  • The moisture in organic waste can affect the efficient operation of the incinerator.
  • The Council sold compost bins at cost price on a publicised day this year. Residents can also purchase these directly from Bernard Road for approximately £11.00.

Our group intends to continue working on this campaign for more composting and more recycling facilities.