What have we done - April 1999

Since the last newsletter Sheffield Friends of the Earth have carried out the following campaigning work:

  • Held general and transport meetings. Attended the regional meeting in York.
  • Taken part in the National No Shop day stunt on Fargate and gained media coverage due to our press release.
  • Written to 20 national MPs urging them to adopt the Recycled Content of  Newsprint Bill. 
  • Sent more letters to supermarkets, Sheffield City Council, and food companies about genetically modified foods. 
  • The transport group attended more cycle forum and pedestrian forum meetings.
  • The transport group chaired the Local Transport Day meeting. 
  • We sent feedback to SYPTE regarding their web site and how to improve it.
  • Decided that we would like to help national FoE hold a transport conference in Sheffield to support the Road Traffic Reduction Bill.
  • Signed up to use the gene beast costume in Sheffield.
  • Produced another newsletter.
  • Held a Christmas Social event.