See Sheffield Friends of the Earth on the Internet

For some time now work has been going on to produce a Sheffield Friends of the Earth Web site.   Increasingly, more and more people have access to the Internet, whether at work or their place of study, or at home, and it is potentially a very useful method of reaching people and telling them what Sheffield Friends of the Earth is all about. And it's free. All you need is someone foolish enough to volunteer to look after it (me!).

The site is now live, and can be accessed by anyone. There is a link to it from the national Friends of the Earth web site, or you can reach it at:

I decided that it was not a good idea to make it simply an electronic form of the newsletter.   Hopefully it will not only be members of Sheffield Friends of the Earth who visit the site, and we want to ensure that the information is accessible to anyone - Internet surfers have a notoriously short attention span and will move on rather than wade through mountains of text. Equally they will move to a different site rather than wait for fancy graphics to load up, which is why I have kept the site very simple. Having said all this, any suggestions about ways to improve the site would be very welcome.

Hopefully any Sheffield Friends of the Earth members with connections to the Internet will take time to look at the site. Feedback and contributions would be very helpful - especially information on campaign groups, days of action, meetings, or any other activity that Sheffield Friends of the Earth has been involved in. I'm keen to keep the pages as up to date as possible, and some of the days of action on the "recent" page happened in 1996! I don't need ready written web pages, or even articles - rough notes or a quick phone call would be fine, and ideally photos or pictures. If anyone's interested in getting involved with producing the web site, please get in touch.

Contact details: Mary Elder
Tel: (0114) 258 9701 email: