News - April 1999

Since the last newsletter was published we have:

contacted MPs about food issues and followed up the campaign on recycled newsprint. The transport group have attended the pedestrian and cycle forums, and has been working on the developments in the Don Valley area.

All the issues we are currently working on (food, waste and transport) were all discussed with Asda’s environmental advisor.

To gain and retain active members we have conducted some research into making meetings more enjoyable. Some of the ideas for improving meetings and retaining members have been introduced.

Three members of the group attended the annual local groups’ conference in Bath. Some very interesting speeches and presentations were given and useful and interesting workshops.

Rather than give another report back from the cycle forum, we have obtained copies of a colour brochure that explains what the Strategic Cycle Network is all about. It includes lots of maps showing existing and proposed cycle routes. You should find a copy with this newsletter.  At the back of the pamphlet is an address where you can send comments and suggestions about the cycle network.  

A Green field site near Tapton School and King Edward’s School maybe turned into 2 car parks. If you would like to find out more or get involved then contact Terry Howard, Cross Pool Action Group on 266 54 38

10 Years ago Sheffield FoE were involved with tropical rainforests, recycling and the pure water campaign. The newsletter featured the new SCRAP (Sheffield Community Recycling Action Programme) logo.

20 Years ago the group was campaigning on pollution and recycling. Although Sheffield had no glass collection facilities our group was collecting glass for recycling.

FoE Social Events
An evening on a folk train, meals out and bowling were just some of the suggestions from local FoE members at the October meeting. If you would like to join a local FoE social event ring a co-ordinator with your own thoughts and ideas along with any possible dates.