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Gene Feast
On the 1st August the Vegetarian Society of the UK, which licences over 2000 products, decided that it would no longer endorse Batchelors Beanfeast or any other food that contains genetically engineered ingredients. Unilever,  the owners of Batchelors are now faced with removing the Vegetarian Society logo or removing the genetically engineered content. No prises for guessing which we  would like to see removed.

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Genetic Foods Are Safe! Why Don’t MPs Eat it?
Good enough for voters but not for MPs. The UK’s politicians have been avoiding genetically engineered foods since February when caterers changed their policy. We are writing to MPs about this issue, but why not write a letter to them yourself.

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Gene Beast Monster
The shopping bag rustles….groans can be heard….. The bag bursts open and out pops the Genebeast! This is the latest prop available for local groups to highlight the threats of genetically modified foods, and to increase the pressure on supermarkets to abandon genetically modified foods.

As a local group, we can bring the Genebeast to Sheffield for a day of action. If you would like to help with the planning or can spare a couple of hours on the day phone a co-ordinator. We also need discuss some possible dates.