Electronic Information

If you are connected to the Internet and would like to know what travel services exist in South Yorkshire, would like to find out when the next bus is due, and find information about park and ride sites or tram journeys then connect to the Passenger Transport Executive’s Web site at www.sypte.com.
Although parts of the web site are useful here are a few problems with it currently:

  • No route maps.
  • Can’t find services to hospitals.
  • It was difficult to find the web site.
  • No information about fares.
  • It will not find connecting buses.

To address this problem we have filled in the on-line questionnaire and the transport group emailed a detailed response to the SYPTE regarding how it can be improved.

If you would also like to comment then you will have the opportunity to do so when you connect to the site.

If anyone is interested in obtaining details about national travel information then contact the site at www.pti.org.uk.