Road Lobby try to block Traffic Reduction Bill

The British Roads Federation (BRF) is now beginning to attack the Road Traffic Reduction (National Targets) Bill with letters to MPs. This is not surprising: the BRF was hostile to the Road Traffic Reduction Act 1997, and advised Lord Lucas of Chilworth in his attempt to wreck the Act in the Lords.

Ironically, some of the BRF’s members (notably the RAC and to some extent the AA too) are looking constructively at the Bill and the problems of excess traffic. However, they are allowing the BRF to write misleading letters and unsubstantiated letters to MPs attacking the Bill

If you are a member of the RAC or the AA, please write to them and ask them to withdraw from the BRF or at least insist that the BRF stop attacking the Bill. Also write to the BRF to ask them to stop attacking the Bill.

The addresses are as follows:

* Richard Diment, BRF, Pillar House, 194-202 Old Ken Road, London, SE1 5TG.

* Chief Executive, RAC, 14 Cockspur Street, London, SW1Y 5BL

* Chief Executive, AA, Norfork House, Priestley Road, Basinstoke, RG24 9NY


We need more pledges from MPs to attend the debate on 30 January 1998 so that the Bill cannot be talked out - if 100 MPs attend it will force a vote. So please write to your MP immediately asking him/her to pledge the debate and vote for the Bill.

Ask your MPs to ensure he/she doesn’t accept other engagements for the day. It is true that MPs often use Fridays to do work in their constituencies, but any decision by them to stay away from Westminster is theirs - so hold them accountable for it. Ensure that the number of letters they receive leaves them in no doubt that large numbers of their constituents want them to be there on the day to support the Bill which will address the traffic problems faced right across the country.

If your MP will not commit him/herself, write to our local papers expressing disappointment. Persuade other friends and family to do the same. Please send all replies to Shaun at our normal postal address.