Many readers will already know that Morrisons PLC are proposing to develop the old Tyzaks site opposite Heeley baths, into a 50,000 square foot Superstore. A group of local people are trying to oppose the store.  Having objected loudly to the Council about the superstore proposal, the residents are now trying to demonstrate the feasibility of alternative uses for the site.
On behalf of these residents, Andy Kershaw wrote to Friends of the Earth asking our opinions about appropriate alternative uses for the site, and requesting our assistance in their campaign. Following discussion at the general meeting, Friends of the Earth have pledged their support for the residents. Our letter back to Andy states that:

  • we support the local residents opposition to the superstore on the grounds that the area is already well served by retail superstores, that the development would further increase the extent of traffic in the area, and that the site could be put to many alternative uses of greater benefit to the local community  
  • we support the idea of a debate on alternative uses; we feel that the main contributors to this should be residents in the surrounding communities of Heeley, Nether Edge and Sharrow, with a particular emphasis on the schools and the Asian community
  • we note that the site would be very suitable for the development of sports facilities and/or for social housing (particularly in view of the government’s latest requirement for 4.4 million new homes); we would also like to see Heeley station redeveloped and the Sheaf walk extended through the site
  • taking advantage of the forthcoming international no-shop-day (29th November) the group promised that it would target its anti-consumerism campaigning on the Morrisons proposal; we are going to get onto the streets around the site and draw attention to the plan.
If you live near the site and would like to express your opinion on how the site should be used, or if you would be willing to help out for an hour or so on the 29th, please contact Liz Sharp on  258 1695.