Energy Campaigns: Dec 1996 - Apr 1997

Energy Review 1996
Mike has been the only person working on energy issues this year. However, as Friends of the Earth’s attention will be heavily targeted towards energy issues in 1997 it is clear that we’ll need more active energy members if we are to exploit these opportunities. Anyone wanting to get involved should contact Mike.

New Energy & Climate Campaign
This campaign will be entering a more active and dynamic phase, having spent a while in the doldrums. Our focus next year (1997) will be on raising awareness of Climate Change, and generating pressure on the government to take some real action.

Climate change is often presented as rather pleasant - we will end up with a `Mediterranean climate` - nothing to worry about there!? Even this benign scenario could have disastrous consequences, such as food and water shortages. It could also devastate wildlife.

However, we know that Global Warming is more likely to bring chaotic weather, and to end in quite unpredictable changes to our climate. This unknown but potentially disastrous process is referred to as  Climate Change.

We hope to launch a Climate Savers pledge, which would involve people promising to use less energy, in order to help protect our climate. It might also include a letter to the Prime minister, challenging the government to take serious action.

Climate Resolution
We are also continuing work with the City Council on their strategy for reducing Sheffield’s contribution to climate change. They committed to this last year by signing FoE’s climate resolution.

Energy Efficiency
We also plan to promote energy efficiency. If people use less fossil fuels, they will produce less Carbon Dioxide - the main gas which contributes to global warming.

Our aims will be:

  • to make people realise that this is an urgent problem.
  • to make them feel they can make a difference.
  • to persuade them to act, by using less fossil fuels themselves, and by helping our campaign.
  • to press for  urgent action to tackle global warming/climate change at two inter-government conferences next year (in June and October).

Energy Group
We will be meeting in early December. If you would like to help with this important campaign, contact Mike, on 296 7324.

Industry & Pollution
Like Energy, the I&P campaign has survived  by one person doing work on landfill sites, contaminated land and opencast sites. Sadly the group will be losing Liz at the end of this year which means that all industry & pollution campaigning will stop. If any members wish to work in this area - or would like to find out what’s involved - please contact a co-ordinator.