Press and Media - Summer 1991

A Plea For Help!

Dear Member,
As you may know it was decided at the last Planning Meeting (15th. July) that on behalf of the coordinators
and group, I should develop the role of "Media Coordinator". Obviously for a pressure group like Friends of the Earth, it has always been essential, whether for conveying information on issues or to publicise events, to make as professional and effective an impact as possible.

Hopefully, by coordinating and building upon the considerable experience and expertise within the group, I can help make it easier to get the group's message(s) across to both public and press alike. There are three distinct areas which require consideration.

l. Routine: though the running of the office and meetings is already fully coordinated, publicity in local media 'What's On' diaries could perhaps be improved"

2. Campaign related: letters/press releases/articles etc. need to be coordinated to maximise effectiveness.

3. Event related: the above applies; also more long term planning would be useful All advice, suggestions, contributions and comments will be most welcome.

Best Wishes,
Niaz Alam

Contact Niaz as follows:
Work: 0709 374091
Home: (Sheffield) 303703
Post: 27 Burnt Stones Drive, S10 5TT.